One of the major capabilities of our company is to provide variety of solutions for our customers in the way that covers their needs according to their specific condition. To do so, we suggest our general trading procedure as follow:

1- Letter Of Intent (LOI): In the first step, procedure begins with indication of the customer’s intent towards our products. This letter should be with customer’s company letterhead, addressed to us, officially signed and sealed, and sent to our company by one of our official contact options. In addition, content of the LOI should be written according to international standards which contains full information of the product needed, payment term, shipping term, bank details, etc.

2- Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL): The purpose of a bank confirmation letter is to assure us that the customer has access to sufficient financial resources to complete the transaction of purchase. The confirmation letter is not a guarantee of payment, only an assurance of the customer’s financial ability to make the payment. The reason which makes this step necessary is due to numerous unreliable LOIs in the market. Other documents that prove financial ability or Resume of customer for purchasing quantity needed, like ICPO confirmed by bank or past performance documents can also be acceptable.

3- Soft Corporate Offer (SCO): We issue SCO in reference to the customers’ intents and further negotiations continue until all parties come to mutual agreement.

4- Full Corporate Offer (FCO): or Performa Invoice (PI): After mutual agreement on detailed terms and conditions, we will facilitate banking transactions either by Iranian banks or we introduce one of our trade partners in UAE or Germany to handle our financial instruments. The introduced company issues FCO or PI according to the final agreement, and afterwards, it should be signed, sealed and returned back.

5- Contract: Draft contract would be sent to customer by facsimile or email attachment and duly, it should be signed and sealed. The copy of contract will be deemed legal until the hard copy is exchanged.

6- Payment and financial transaction: In this step payment would be done as agreed according to international standards (L/C, T/T, BG, etc.) by customer bank and all further steps should be done through bank to bank communications. Also, other financial or non-financial commitment that each party has accepted on contract should be exchanged.

7- Delivery starts on the exact timetable as agreed. In the case of feasibility, delivery can be done on different shipping terms from EX-Work to CIF.

In summary, our intention is to offer the best world class customer service possible.