Financing and consulting services


Project financing is made through structured design in order to minimize the cost of financing or obtaining domestic banking or borrowing from international sources. Currently, according to the financial capabilities of Soroush Hormozan Group, it is possible to finance various industrial, manufacturing or contracting projects.
We fund your business or project with a specific bank guarantee or a bank instrument. In the implementation of this task, supply management, procurement and construction of the project is carried out by Soroush Hormozan Group.
It is also possible to sell based on short and mid-term credit selling methods. We are in the best position to carry out your business activities. However, due to the diverse nature of the projects, it is necessary in the first step to provide general information about the project and after making an initial assessment and evaluation; we will make the necessary decisions.
An acceptable guarantee for this group is LC, Bank Guarantee and Credit Insurance Guarantee.

In order to introduce your desired project, contact us via email or telephone.